Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was 1997. I was in 6th grade.  I doodled "Allison DiCaprio" on my notebooks and spent my hard-earned babysitting income to see Titanic in the movie theaters NINE times.  Even if movies weren't as outrageously expensive back then, I still cannot believe I did that.  The scary thing is that I hadn't even seen it as many times as some of my friends.  It was like some sort of weird competition.  And this was a 3+ hour movie we are talking about.  Anyway, my 11-year-old self would have flipped at the thought of a cake like this...

There is a really neat story behind this.  Several years ago, there was a boy who requested a Titanic cake (See...I wasn't the only one obsessed) for his 8th birthday.  His mother, being the super mom she was, ordered one from a bakery.  On the day she picked it up however, both she and her son were sadly disappointed by a small round cake with a sinking v-shaped ship draw in icing on the top.  17 years later, this poor mom has still not heard the end of this cake!  She thought of the awesome idea of ordering this cake and getting it delivered to his work as a surprise on his birthday.  It was a success!  She definitely redeemed herself. :)

Vanilla cake iced in buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant.  The iceberg is also cake.  The smokestacks are the bottoms of ice cream cones.

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